"If I were to remain silent, I'd be guilty of complicity."

- Albert Einstein on the Holocaust

Under the guise of national security, the recently created government agency known as ICE is committing human rights violations against immigrants on a massive scale. A powerful grassroots effort is pushing politicians to take a stand against ICE, but there is still much to be done. 


Take action

Call your representatives

Use this website to find who represents you. Call each of your representatives during normal business hours, and use the script below if you need help. If you cannot get through to someone, leave a message.


Hi! My name is <YOUR NAME> and I’m from <PART OF STATE>. I’m calling to let <NAME OF REPRESENTATIVE> know that I strongly support Abolishing ICE, an agency with a long track record of human rights abuses. ICE is a new agency which is not necessary for providing immigration services. I would like <NAME OF REPRESENTATIVE> to voice his support for abolishing ICE, and holding the agency accountable for it's inhumane and illegal actions.

Attend town halls

Use this website to find town halls near you. Attend them and ask your representatives about abolishing ICE using the script above.

Tell your Friends

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Why Abolition?

ice has A history of abuse

ICE has destroyed evidence of physical, sexual and mental abuse in detention centers, deported individuals with the knowledge that they were at extreme risk of targeted homicide upon return to their countries of origin, and committed numerous other human rights violations including separating immigrant children from their parents, then losing track of them.

ice cannot be reformed

With human rights abuses and other crimes occurring at every level of this agency, we are long past the point where it could simply be reformed. It must be dismantled entirely so that we can create proper immigration services from the ground up. 

ice is a new agency

ICE was born out of xenophobia after 9/11, it did not exist prior to March 1, 2003. While other pre-existing agencies merged into this one, ICE is unique in it's broad powers and radical intention. Today, ICE is doing exactly what it was designed to do from it's inception. 

ice is paid for by you and me

With a budget of nearly 9 billion dollars, ICE has engaged in fiscal irresponsibility and is violating its fiduciary duty by awarding no-bid and non-competitive bids to GOP donors who are receiving overcompensation for detention and security services.

Ice is not NECESSARY or normal

ICE is not necessary for providing immigration services, and the few useful things ICE does do can be moved over the other agencies. Other countries have immigration services, not massive enforcement agencies like ICE. This is not normal by global standards.

Ice is an international disgrace

The rest of the world is watching in horror as this agency commits atrocity after atrocity, often breaking international law in the process. If our country is ever to redeem itself in the eyes of the rest of the world, ICE must be abolished.  


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